Lazy B Ranch
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Trail Riding
Lazy B offers trail rides.  Taking your horse out on the trail can be a fun and relaxing way to spend the day or even a few hours.  If you are taking lessons from Lazy B, you will learn that there are things that you must do to prepare yourself and the horse before you go out on the trail.  Going out on various trails both on and off the property is part of the riding lessons you receive from Lazy B.  

If you already ride and you do not own your own horse, that is not a problem as we have a variety of horses that enjoy going out on the trail either on or off our property.

If you take the riding instruction from us and want a longer and more challenging trail ride, we will take you to one of the various trails that are in the local area, an easy drive from Lazy B.  These are normally longer rides of several hours. We will discuss the details with you to ensure you have the proper clothing, tack and any other items needed such as 'lunch.'

Trail rides are available by appointment.  Call to schedule your next trail ride.

Price for a 1-hour trail ride
: $25 per hour

Price for off-property trail ride: varies  upon location and length of ride (usually a half-day to full day rides)

Halloween Trail Ride - available from October 22 - 31 (call to schedule).

Winter Wonderland Trail Rides - available from November - February (call to schedule).   

Clinton Lake Trail Ride April 2009

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