Lazy B Ranch
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Meet the Horses

Red - Quarter Horse (Gelding) 20 years old (1994).
He stands
15.2 hands tall. All experience riders.  He is gentle and loves to be on the trail. Good with beginner riders


 Duke - (The Steel Flash) Quarter Horse (Gelding) 20 years old (5/94). He stands 14.2 hands tall.  All experience levels. Great with children.




Blue  - Pinto/Paint (double registered) (Gelding)   years old.  He stands 16 hands tall.  New to the ranch. He is a responsive comfortable horse to ride, soft in the mouth. (picture pending)

Majestic - Thoroughbred (Jockey Club registered) (Mare)  years old.  She stands 16 hands tall.  She is new to the ranch, has speed and has started barrels.  (picture pending).

Hank - (picture pending)

Dunnit - Red Dun (Gelding) 3 years old (picture pending)

Classy Palomino (Mare)  picture pending


Dust - Quarter Horse (MH Miss Poco Taitos) (Mare) 5 years old (5/28/09). She stand 15 hands tall. She is a people horse and easy-going with good ground manners and wonderful ride both in the areana and on trails.  Easy keeper and trailers well.  Currently adding miles to gain experience on the trails.  Barrel horse potential.  Dust had a foal (filly) on 6/30/12, hottest day of the year at that point. 

Dallas finding out about running in the round pen.

Dakota - (KT Prince of Affair) Tabiano Paint (Gelding) 16 years old (5/98).  He stands 15 hands tall.  All experience levels.  Gentle and loves attention. Knows the barrel pattern and is in training for barrels.  Has Western Pleasure points. You can usually hear him snorting and plays in the water in good weather.

 Tuscon - Cremello Palomino (Gelding) 14 
  years old (8/2000).  He stands 15.3 hands
  tall.  All  experience levels.  Very gentle.
  Tuscon. For sale for the right owner.

Sonny - (Sun's Solar Power) Tennessee Walker (Gelding) 16 years old (8/98).  He stands 16 hands tall.  All experience levels (gaited) smooth ride.

Twiz (Twilight Golden)
 - Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (Gelding) 7 years old (3/07).  He stands 15.4 hands tall but is still growing.  Completed 60 days of training and is being ridden with a side-pull instead of a bit.  We are continuing his training.  He is a very smooth ride (gaited).  He has fast walk. 




Winchester - American Mustang (Gelding) 8 years old (2006).  He stands 14.8 hands tall.  Was adopted from the BLM in 2009 and is still in training, but is used on trail rides and is a nice ride 




Scout - Paint Stallion) 6 years old (3/08). He is the colt from Callie and has a great easy going  temperament.  He has been broken out winter of 2011 and getting miles and work to be ready for spring of 2012 for trail rides and future breeding.


~~~~~~~ Horses in Training ~~~~~~~


 Star - (MH Black Poco Beauty) Quarter Horse (Mare) 5 year old (6/2009).  She stand about 15 hands and is a people horse.  She is full of spirit and likes to be the boss in the pasture. 



~~~~~~~ Barrel Racing Horses ~~~~~~~

  Avery (left) - Quarter Horse (Mare)
  and Renegade (right) mix breed
  (Gelding) are two of the Barrel
  Racing horses on Lazy B.  Avery is 7
  years old and stands 15.3 hands tall. 
  Renegade is 12 years old and is 15
  hands tall.  Avery placed in the 2009
  American Royal in 4 D Barrels. 
  Renegade was the North Central
  Wisconsin Horseman's Association Grand Champion in Children's division and Speed Shows and  Reserve Champion overall Speed Shows in Wisconsin in 2005


Watchin Zanna Jo - (Queenie) - Quarter Horse (Mare) 10 years old (4/2004).  She stands 16 hands tall.  She is the fourth Barrel Racing Horse at Lazy B and is teamed with Paige as the main racing team. She just had a colt "Watchin Apollo Shine" also known as Chrome.  Born June 10, 2014.


Classy Firewater - (Chance) - Quarter Horse (Gelding) 6 year old (2008).  He stands 15 hands tall.  He is the fifth Barrel Racing horse to join the Lazy B in June 2011.  Chance won 1st place, 3D 2013 Kansas State Furturity.   

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